Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Some Easy Ways To Look Hot At The Beach

Everyone wants to look good when they go out on the beach. If you are reading this a week before you are going to the beach you are in luck. Preparation is key when you want to look cute on the beach. I am going to share with you some simple ways that you can have a great time, and look your best, without much effort. Make sure before you go out on the beach that you give your skin a little attention. Moisturizers are great and don't forget the sunscreen. You don't want to get fried like a lobster, that's no way to have fun.

Make sure that if you have a week or so before you head out, try to do a workout schedule working your way up to your trip. You want to focus on things you probably don't focus on during your regular workout routine. For example some good workouts to try are crunches, weighted squats, and even skipping will keep you looking hot.

If you are leaving for the beach within days instead of weeks all is not lost. You might want to think of fake tanning or moisturizing routine and maybe even a little waxing. The fake tan is probably not essential however it may help you with your confidence level, if your in to that sort of thing.

If you have any dry or scaly parts of your body you probably want to take care of it before you hit the beach. I think the best type of skin moisturizers are the ones that contain Shea butter. These feel wonderful and are great to keep your skin healthy. Many people like aloe vera however I find that it does not give me the moisture on my skin like shea butter. I guess everyone's skin is different. Give both a shot see which one you like better.

Something to also consider on the days before heading to the beach is the food you are eating. You don't want to eat foods that could potentially bloat you later on, and make you feel fat. Try staying away from foods that have processed carbs, salt, and sugar. All of these things make your body hold more water and is not what we want before heading to the beach.

Make sure you get the right outfit/swim suit that fits your body type. You know what looks good on you, don't be afraid to show your curves! You are beautiful! Thank you for reading. Tell me what you think in the comments.

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