Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Some Easy Ways To Look Hot At The Beach

Everyone wants to look good when they go out on the beach. If you are reading this a week before you are going to the beach you are in luck. Preparation is key when you want to look cute on the beach. I am going to share with you some simple ways that you can have a great time, and look your best, without much effort. Make sure before you go out on the beach that you give your skin a little attention. Moisturizers are great and don't forget the sunscreen. You don't want to get fried like a lobster, that's no way to have fun.

Make sure that if you have a week or so before you head out, try to do a workout schedule working your way up to your trip. You want to focus on things you probably don't focus on during your regular workout routine. For example some good workouts to try are crunches, weighted squats, and even skipping will keep you looking hot.

If you are leaving for the beach within days instead of weeks all is not lost. You might want to think of fake tanning or moisturizing routine and maybe even a little waxing. The fake tan is probably not essential however it may help you with your confidence level, if your in to that sort of thing.

If you have any dry or scaly parts of your body you probably want to take care of it before you hit the beach. I think the best type of skin moisturizers are the ones that contain Shea butter. These feel wonderful and are great to keep your skin healthy. Many people like aloe vera however I find that it does not give me the moisture on my skin like shea butter. I guess everyone's skin is different. Give both a shot see which one you like better.

Something to also consider on the days before heading to the beach is the food you are eating. You don't want to eat foods that could potentially bloat you later on, and make you feel fat. Try staying away from foods that have processed carbs, salt, and sugar. All of these things make your body hold more water and is not what we want before heading to the beach.

Make sure you get the right outfit/swim suit that fits your body type. You know what looks good on you, don't be afraid to show your curves! You are beautiful! Thank you for reading. Tell me what you think in the comments.

Tips on Finding Great Looking Beach Glass For Jewelry

Everyone knows that there is glass on the beach. If you are going to a very popular beach there is a good chance that the glass that you find may be fresh glass that can't necessarily be called beach glass yet. Beach glass has become very popular. I think one of the reasons is glass on the beach has been a problem for years, so how do you turn it into a solution? People have started collecting the glass and selling the specimens they find. Another great way people have turned beach glass into a lucrative business, is making jewelry. This is the best way to recycle beach glass, and I think some of the older beach glass looks very smooth, and looks almost like a gemstone. What a great way to keep our beaches clean. Its going to take more people both buying the jewelry, and making the jewelry, but I truly do think it is beautiful and its a great gift for someone. Most jewelers will make you a setting for this if you bring it to their shop and want it to be made into a ring or a necklace or something. Lets keep our beaches clean! Remember try to keep all beaches clean!

It is much harder to find beach glass than it once was. This is because people are becoming more aware of the damage they are doing to the environment and have stopped a lot of the dumping. Of course there is always a few bad apples out there so beach glass isn't going away anytime soon. Another reason for the decline in beach glass is that people are becoming aware of the beauty in these pieces of glass and they have begun making jewelry and collecting it.

If you know where to look there is still plenty of it to be found on almost every beach in the world. Knowing where to look is crucial because some beaches will have much more sea glass than other beaches. Making sure you are looking in the right place is determined by a couple of factors, popularity of the beach, accessibility of the beach, and popularity of the "spot" with other beach glass collectors.

The two best methods for finding beach glass once you are on the beach is to scan the edge of the water or the water's edge. The glass will have a frosted appearance and could be difficult to spot when dry. Some collectors and jewelers that make beach glass jewelry have websites, you can use Google and see if you can find the ones that list the beaches that they find their glass from on their website. This is a great way to get a head start on your beach glass adventure. The second method is to walk the tide line and check there. If the tide line is dry make sure to look good, remember the good pieces of beach glass will be very smooth in appearance, and frosted looking when they are dry. This makes them difficult to spot.

The best time of the year to go and look for beach jewelry is in Spring, right after high tide and storms that will wash the precious glass on shore. Make sure when you are out there you are careful with the fresh glass which will be very sharp. A common mistake new collectors will make is picking up every piece of glass they find. It is a great idea to pick up all the glass so that your doing a service for your local beach, however you don't want to cut yourself, and how do you think beach glass is made in the first place? By fresh glass that is left for years or decades. Don't feel bad if you leave glass behind, its just making a treasure for someone else. You want to help clean the beach? Pick up other trash and throw it away. Beach glass collecting is serious business  :-)  . Please leave a comment and let me know your experiences with beach glass! Thank you.