Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Cool New Beach Toys Every Kid Must Have

GeoSafari's sea scope offers a nice way for kids to explore the murky waters in search for sea life. This is the perfect toy for the little scientist in your family. Watch as they discover many interesting things that wash up on the beach. You may even get lucky, and they bring you back some jewelry that was lost by some of the spring breakers. I have this toy for my little sisters, and when we get started its hard to put this thing down. It keeps the curious kids busy for hours!

These Trailin Tracks Dinosaur flip flops are fun for the younger kids. They put these things on, and they make tracks like their favorite dinosaur. It also helps protect their feet from the hot sand. Younger kids really get a kick out of these, and they come in a variety of sizes. Make sure you get the right size for your kid, and he will be running around in circles around your beach spot making scary dinosaur tracks! This is great for kids that love dinosaurs!

This Gowi water pump set is both fun and educational for kids of all ages! It is PVC free and it was made in Austria. Kids will be amazed how this aparatus pumps water from their bucket and turns the water wheel. It will also expand their minds and show them that a little bit of ingenuity can go a long way. This toy is great for kids of all ages. This is not your regular beach bucket toy!

We all know that building a sand castle is hard, especially when you are trying to build it up to your child's expectations. This Beach Builder kit developed by iPlay is a great new way to build your sand kingdom brick by brick. This makes it very easy to do, and it comes with very extensive instructions on how to teach your kids to make a great looking sand castle every time. You will have the best sand castle on your side of the beach! This is great fun for the whole family.

The OgoSport Super Sport discs are very fun to play with. You can paddle the kush ball to each other and try to keep it in the air while your doing it. They are all weather, and can really stand up to the beach temperatures. Instead of using the provided kush ball, you can even use water balloons so that the person that hits it too hard gets a splash of water. These discs are great fun way to play at the beach, and are a little more advanced than those Velcro paddles that fall apart at the beach.

These sand wheels are really cool. No one thought of this stuff when I was a kid. This is perfect to spark the minds of the toddlers in your life. They will keep pouring sand in the top, and watch the wheels come to life. This is a great way to spark the imagination of your kids. They will play with this simple toy for hours on end and they will want to take it to the beach every time they go. Its easy to clean, and it stands up to weather very well.

This is not your normal remote controlled car. This is called the Kid Galaxy Morphibians Shark. It is a very sturdy remote controlled car that can drive both on the sand, and in shallow water. Most remote controlled vehicles that can do this are quite expensive. This new remote control car is only $30. If you have an older kid in your family, or if you are that older kid, you will love playing with this toy and chasing your dogs with it. This thing can really stand up to the elements.