Friday, February 11, 2011

List of Shark Attacks in Texas

It is very rare that shark attacks happen in Texas. They do happen however, and when they do it can become pretty bad really quickly. Many people that live in the Port Aransas, and South Padre Island areas of the Gulf of Mexico, say that there has been no deaths from a shark ever. They are clearly wrong. I will go through a list of people that have died from sharks. This wasn't made to freak you out, as you can see from this list it doesn't happen often, but take note of the location, and don't be caught unprepared to see a shark when your fishing, or riding wakes with your surf board.
  •  In August 19th 1962, Hans Fix (40 years old) was fishing in waist deep water in Andy Bowie Park, in the South Padre Island, Port Isabel area when he was attacked. He died from this attack, and it was confirmed that it was a bull shark.
  • In June 16th, 1937, A. Thompson Jr. (16 years old) was swimming in 4 feet of water in Galveston, Texas when his right arm was torn off by an unknown shark. The shark also mangled his right leg. He survived the incident but was made a cripple because of his encounter. This was probably also a bull shark that attacked him.
  • In September 23rd 19ll, John Bloomquist was killed and eaten by a shark in the Galveston ship channel, after jumping overboard to save a companion. This is a sad story, and although the shark has also been unconfirmed, I would say it was also a bullshark, they are common in the area.
So there you have it 3 unprovoked cases that have happened in the Gulf of Mexico here in Texas. Remember that these attacks were all unprovoked, and it just goes to show that it can happen, always be prepared, and never go to far out in the water alone, just because you haven't heard of Shark attacks in Texas, doesn't mean that they don't happen. That is why I have assembled this list. To generate awareness of things that could happen. Always travel with someone and if you are fishing always have your pocket knife handy in case you have to stab one in the belly so that he lets go of your arm or leg. 

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