Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Casa Bella Salon in Port Aransas

Do you need to get a hair cut at a premier salon? Give Casa Bella a try! This place is filled with nice people that do your hair, nails, and even specialize in hair colors. My 2 little sisters love going to this place to get there nails done. Not only are these people pros at beauty maintenance but they also are very inexpensive. Pamper yourself the right way before or after you hit the beach. They also specialize in Skin Care products. Casa Bella means "The House of Beauty" and this is truly a unique experience filled with the nicest people, and good client base. If you live close to Casa Bella, or are visiting, and need to get your hair and nails done in Port Aransas, then this is a great place to consider.

The Best Coffee Shop in Port Aransas Coffee Waves

It is called Coffee Waves and its no Starbucks, but it does have Italian Gelato Ice cream and a great variety of great tasting Coffee. This place is excellent to go to if you have had a rough night drinking, or just a rough night of any type in general. If you have to jump on internet wi-fi with your laptop, this is a great place to stop and enjoy a nice cup of coffee. They also have private rooms, so that you can work in peace without anyone bothering you. The atmosphere is very nice, and they have a beautiful chandelier in the middle of the place that is beautiful. Next time you need a good cup of coffee in Port Aransas, or need to get some work done, be sure that you check this place out. I love gelato Ice Cream!