Thursday, October 28, 2010

Port Aransas Helicopter Ride

This was not filmed by me, but if you want to ride a helicopter in Port Aransas Texas it will run you about $100.00 a person, and it will last about 20 minutes. It looks like great fun and I plan on trying it next time I go so I can take my own video. Have fun watching the scenery is great!

Monday, October 25, 2010

The Coast Club Bar and Lounge in Port Aransas

The Coast Club in Port Aransas is a pretty good chill spot that has a full bar, and even stuff to eat. It has a great ambiance at night, and they play good music. If you are looking for a decent spot to drink, and eat, with good music, thats not always country western...I suggest you check out The Coast Club. They have bands that come out and play live music, and its located right on the strip which makes it very easy to get to no matter where you are at in Port Aransas. Don't waste time driving all the way to Corpus from Port Aransas to listen to good music....Check out The Coast Club instead!