Tuesday, July 20, 2010

How to Make an Easy Bait Fish Trap

I have heard many people that have made these types of fish traps using 2 2-Liter Soda bottles. What I am about to show you is a better way. If you use 2 Liter soda bottles you will have to use tape or glue, just to hold the thing together. I find that this is a negative thing because fish will be even less attracted to your trap because of the chemicals in the adhesive used to make it. I was looking at the Ozarka sport bottle one day, and i saw that it had ridges on it that would be perfect for holding together the trap without the use of tape or glue. The first step is to remove the plastic wrapper around the bottle, and to throw away the lid to the bottle.

You see those ridges towards the top of the bottle? This will allow the trap to stay together underwater, without the use of any type of adhesive. The next step will be to cut the bottle at the first ridge. This will be relatively easy to do just let it be your guide when cutting. When your done this should be what it looks like...

Now that you have cut the top off of the bottle you are done! Go find some old cheese, or even some bread and throw it inside the bottle, also find a few heavy rocks or shells that you can put at the bottom of the bottle so that it doesn't float at the top of the water when you put it in....I recommend you tie a rope in the middle of the bottle so that you can let it sink and easily tie it somewhere on shore, or on a boat. This way you can easily pick it up to check it, and at the same time it won't float away. This is how the trap will go together once you have filled it with bait, and weight rocks...

Now its time for you to drop your filled trap at the bottom of the ocean and tie it down....Wait a couple of hours, or at least 30 mins, and come back to check your trap. This is the easiest way to make a fish trap from a plastic bottle. Small fish check in, but they don't check out :-)   Have Fun!

The Port Aransas Brewing Company

The Port Aransas brewing company is a great place to have a great time. If you like sports and need to find a great place with a couple flat screens i highly recommend this place. What makes this place unique is they actually brew there own beer as the name implies. My favorite beer to have there is the "Beachy Blonde".

The alvacado stoffer is my favorite burger that they make. They even have unique sweet potatoe fries that taste wonderful. You need to check it out. They make pizza, and other things too i just haven't tried them yet because I love this burger so much. Thank you Port A Brewery.