Friday, June 11, 2010

Beach Permits are a Must have on any Beach in Port Aransas Texas

We are veterans when it comes to the Port Aransas beach side experience. We have been coming to Port Aransas many years even before we had a beach house. I still remember hauling the Airstream trailer to the Pioneer Trailer park every Memorial Day. Make sure though if you are going to go out on the beach to spend the day with your family or alone, you still need to get a Beach parking permit. This is so that you can take your vehicle onto the actual beach next to the place where you are staying so you can set up camp, the grill, the ice chest etc...There are Beach Patrol constables that are always on patrol and they WILL write you a ticket for violating this rule. It is always important that you plan ahead and buy your beach permit for the year. This way you can enjoy your beach experience the best way possible. Make sure you also don't bring glass bottles on the beach. They also write tickets for that. Have fun on your next vacation and thank you for visiting!

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