Thursday, June 17, 2010

Ferry Landing in Port Aransas Texas from Google

Here are some cool pictures that I took of Port Aransas. The first one i want to show you is one taken from Google Earth. Its so pretty to see all the ferries working away...I wonder how often Google takes these images? Oh well, I just wanted to save it here so that in this point in time I can know what the ferry landing looked like in 2010, of June :-) !

Here is a beautiful picture of what the current skyline of Port Aransas looks like so far, i imagine, that this town is definitely not done growing, I love it here, I love the fresh air.

Some great Fish caught by some Fishermen in Port Aransas, and Rockport

I love fishing in Port Aransas in Rockport with our boat. Its great to get out there. You don't have to go very deep before you start pulling Red Fish like the one you see above. They are everywhere out here. I plan on getting a bigger boat, and going even farther, maybe the Mayan Riviera....But still I will always come back to Port Aransas for good fishing and good folks...

Wow.... I don't know who this guy is but i know this monster fish was caught over by Rockport Texas. Man that fish looks almost prehistoric! That is an awesome catch...Now that is something to hang on the wall. I hope you guys like my blog, feel free to post comments in response to any of my posts, I am always sure to answer all my nice comments :-) !

Friday, June 11, 2010

Beach Permits are a Must have on any Beach in Port Aransas Texas

We are veterans when it comes to the Port Aransas beach side experience. We have been coming to Port Aransas many years even before we had a beach house. I still remember hauling the Airstream trailer to the Pioneer Trailer park every Memorial Day. Make sure though if you are going to go out on the beach to spend the day with your family or alone, you still need to get a Beach parking permit. This is so that you can take your vehicle onto the actual beach next to the place where you are staying so you can set up camp, the grill, the ice chest etc...There are Beach Patrol constables that are always on patrol and they WILL write you a ticket for violating this rule. It is always important that you plan ahead and buy your beach permit for the year. This way you can enjoy your beach experience the best way possible. Make sure you also don't bring glass bottles on the beach. They also write tickets for that. Have fun on your next vacation and thank you for visiting!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Real 3D IMAX Movie Entertainment In Port Aransas Texas

There is no current IMAX movie places in Port Aransas. We found this out the hard way. The best place to go is StarPlex Cinemas in Corpus Christi. There they have all the latest movies too. It is a little drive, but it is worth it when the kids get to see there new movie in Real 3D. If you would like to see whats playing now you can click here

Starplex Cinemas
5218 Silverberry Dr
Corpus Christi, TX 78417
(361) 814-3100

The Coast Guard in Port Aransas and other Cool Photos

We went on a fishing trip on the Island Queen. It costs $28.00 a person, and i caught some amazing shots of other boats, and even the coast guard. They were very nice on the island queen. There fishing equipment was adequate and we even got good bait that had mostly been frozen. It was awesome. My Grandfather even caught a baby shark. It was very cool. These are must see images i took these shots with a Kodak Slice 14mp Camera. I hope you like them.

Dolphin Dock Deep Sea Fishing Port Aransas Texas

I have been deep sea fishing on a number of paid fishing trips. I love going with the guys at Dolphin Dock, i always pull HUGE fish when fishing on there boat. All the fishing and tackle equipment that you need is included on your trip. There are many packages to choose from. Here are the available fishing trip packages...

(Call for availability)
4 hour fishing trip - $45.00 - Departs 8:00am - 1:00pm.

5 hour fishing trip - $55.00 (Spectators are half price) - Departs 3:30pm - 8:30pm.

8,9,10 hour fishing trip - $86.00 + fuel - (Spectators are half price) - Departs at 6:30am Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri, Sun.

12 hour fishing trip - $100.00 - Spectators are half price - Departs at 6:00am Wed and Sat. (on Sat and holidays add $5) - Departs at 6:30pm Saturday night

All of the boats have air condition, and heated cabins. Full concessions are available including Beer, Soda, Water, Snacks, Crackers, Chips, and Microwaveable Sandwiches.

Dolphin Dock, Inc.
300 W. Cotter Ave.
Port Aransas, Texas  78373

Where to rent Golf Carts in Port Aransas Texas

While in Port Aransas it is great to go driving on the beach, however sometimes you don't want to use your car...Especially if your car isn't quite equipped enough to make it in the Sand without getting stuck. The best thing to do is to rent a golf cart. Not only can you get around the sand very easily, but you can also get to the quick stores and shops in the area without jumping in your hot car every time. I love to rent my Golf Carts from Nautical Wheelers. They have many great designs to choose from so you can be sure that you are the hippest nautical vehicle on the beach!

Nautical Wheelers Island Fun
Electric Buggies, Electric Limos, and Beach Bike Rentals
428  S. Alister
Port Aransas Texas, 78373
Phone: (361) 749-3003

Port Aransas Pizza Places

If you like pizza, and want to find a good place in Port Aransas, you have come to the right place. I love pizza and we live in Port Aransas so i decided to post some of the better pizza places so that you don't have to go all the way to Corpus just to get a great pizza pie.

Port A Pizzeria
  • Calzones available!
  • Dessert Pizza
  • Soups and Salads
  • Eat in Buffet available!
  • Sub Sandwiches
  • 2 Medium Pizzas With 2 Toppings On Each for $16.99
  • 2 Large Pizzas With 2 Toppings On Each for $22.99
  • 2 Medium Pizzas With 2 Toppings On Each Buffalo Wings - 2 Liter Soda for $19.99
Click here for a Map
Phone: (361) 749-5226

      The Gaff
      • Not just a pizza place.
      • 14" Cheese Pizza - $11.99  - $1.00 for additional toppings
      • 12" Cheese Pizza - $10.99
      • Pints of Beer: $2.50 - $3.00
      323 Beach Street
      Port Aransas, TX  78373
      (361) 749-5970

      Friday, June 4, 2010

      Cancun Mexican Restaurant Port Aransas Texas

      This restaurant is a must stop every time we go to our beach house in Port Aransas. They have great breakfast tacos, and must have Margaritas. They have great Mexican beers too! They have a very good menu, here are some of the items on the menu so you can see what they have.

      Tacos - $1.40
      Burritos - $2.99

      Sausage & Egg, Potato & Egg, Ham & Egg, Bean & Egg, Papas Rancheras, Chicharron & Eggs, Machacado & Eggs, Nopal & Egg, Bacon & Egg, Chorizo & Egg

      Omelette - $3.99
      Eggs mixed over the grill. Tomatoes, onions & cheese inside.

      Barbacoa Plate - $4.75
      Served w/ Beans potatoes, onions, and cilantro.

      Migas Plate - $3.99
      Fried corn tortilla bits, grilled w/ eggs, serrano peppers, tomatoes and onions.

      Pork Chop and Eggs - $5.75
      Served w/ two eggs any style, beans, hashbrowns, or potatoes.

      Pancake Plate - $3.99
      Two pancakes, two eggs any style, and two slices of bacon or sausage.

      Three Pancakes - $3.25
      w/ Bacon or Sausage.

      One Pancake - $2.99
      w/ one Egg or Bacon.

      Regular Plates - $3.99
      Plates include beans, potatoes and tortillas and tomato sauce. Can be served ala Mexica.

      Papas Rancheras - $3.50

      Machacado Plate - $4.75
      Dried shredded beef, grilled w/ serrano peppers, tomatoes and onions.

      Steak and Eggs Plate or Chicken Fajita and Egg - $5.75
      Served with beans, eggs any style, hash browns and potatoes.

      1lb. Barbacoa - $6.50
      Includes onions, cilantro and 6 tortillas.

      Breakfast Sides
      Flour Tortillas (2) Corn (4) - $.50
      Toast Bread - $.50
      Hash Browns - $.80
      Bacon (2) or Sausage (2) - $.75
      Ham - $.75
      Egg any style - $.99
      Refried Beans - $1.35
      Potatoes - $.99
      Cheese - $.75
      Pancake - $1.25

      Lunch and Dinner Plates
      Arandas Plate - $7.75
      Chicken Breasts w/ Ham inside topped w/ white cheese. Served with rice, french fries, salad and alvacado.

      Mexican Plate - $6.50
      One crispy beef taco, two cheese enchiladas beans and rice.

      Tampiquena Plate - $7.99
      T-Bone, one Enchilada, rice, beans and guacemole.

      Texas Plate - $7.75
      Carne guisada two cheese enchiladas, rice, beans and guacamole.

      Meat Quesadillas - $6.25
      Two asada or shredded chicken quesadillas, served w/ rice, beans and salad.

      Cheese Enchiladas - $6.25
      Three enchiladas rice and beans.

      Green Enchiladas - $6.50
      Beef, Cheese or chicken enchiladas topped w/ green sauce and white cheese. Served with rice beans, and salad.

      Pollo Especial Special Chicken - $7.75
      Chicken breast topped w/ special sauce. Served w/ rice, beans guacemole, and salad.

      Combination Plate - $6.50
      One asada taco, one chicken chalupa, rice & beans.

      Falutas Plate - $6.25
      Three chicken flautas, rice, salad, guacemole and sour cream.

      Dinner Plate - $6.99
      One bean and cheese chalupa. One crispy beef taco, one cheese enchilada, rice, beans and guacemole.

      Chiles Rellenos - $6.25
      Poblano peppers stuffed w/ meat or cheese. Served w/ rice, beans, and salad.

      Cheese Enchiladas - $6.25
      Three enchiladas, rice and beans.

      Green Enchiladas - $6.50
      Beef, cheese, or chicken enchiladas topped w/ green sauce and white cheese. Served with rice, beans, and salad.

      Beef or Chicken Enchiladas - $6.75
      Three enchiladas rice, and beans.

      Enchiladas Rancheras - $6.75
      Beef, Cheese, or chicken topped w/ ranchero sauce and yellow cheese. Served w/ rice and beans.

      Shrimp ala Mexicana
      Shrimp onion grilled with jalapeno peppers, tomatoes, and ranchero sauce. Served with rice and beans, salad, and guacemole.

      Fish Fajita Plate - $7.50
      Fish or shrimp fajita w/ bell pepper, onions, tomatoes, topped w/ cheese sauce. Served with rice, beans, salad and guacemole.

      Fried Catfish - $7.75
      Served w/ rice, french fries, and salad.

      Shrimp Cocktail - Sm: $6.25 ; Lg: $8.25
      Broiled shrimp w/ sauce, tomatoes, onions, cilantro, and avocado.

      Ceviche Tostada De Camaron / Shrimp Tostada - $2.59
      Shrimp mixed w/ onions, tomatoes, cilantro, and lemon juice.

      Ceviche Tostada De Pescado / Fish Tostada - $2.59
      Fish mixed w/ onions, tomatoes, cilantro and lemon juice.

      Children Plates
      Beef Crispy Taco (Served w/ rice and beans) - $3.50
      Cheese Enchilada (Served w/ rice and beans) - $3.50
      Carne Guisada (Served w/ Rice and beans and tortilla.) - $3.50
      Chicken Nuggets (Served w/ rice and french fries) - 6pc. $3.50 12pc. $4.50
      (2) Chicken Strips (Served w/ French Fries) - $3.50

      Beef or chicken fajita Salad w/ lettuce, tomato, and onions. - $5.99
      Ham Salad w/ Lettuce, tomato,cheese, and onions - $4.50
      Garden Salad w/ Lettuce, tomato, onions, pickles, carrots and cheese.
      Cancun Salad w/ shreded chicken, lettuce, tomatoes, cilantro onions oregano, lemon juice, salt, black pepper, oil, vinegar, and sliced avocado.
      Taco Salad - Fried Tortilla shell, filled w/ cheese, lettuce tomato, beans, guacemole, sour cream and your choice of meat.

      Wednesday, June 2, 2010

      Dolphin and Sea Turtle Watching at Port Aransas Texas

      This picture is amazing, i was able to get a close up shot of a beautiful sea turtle that was flaunting her loveliness right in front of me. It was a totally amazing site, here are some more shots that i captured of other animals we saw on our Port Aransas Adventure :-)

      The animals were beautiful and we even caught a glimpse of some dolphins that were strutting there stuff :-) They were riding the wake of the Oil Barge it looked like and it was truly something you would have to be there to see. A lot of people also fish off the stone wall to catch live bait so they can go out on there boats and catch even more monster fish :).

      Port Aransas Texas Sand Festival

      I love the sand Festival in Port Aransas Texas. Every year all of the creative sand castle designers come out on the same day to create marvels in the sand for everyone to enjoy! The little ones love the Sand Castle Festival and they cannot get enough of it. Many vendors also come out and setup on the beach so that you can shop, eat sausage on a stick, have a Margarita, or even eat some great ice cream!

      This is a picture of one of the creative sand castles i found. I can't believe how fast they build these castles. They use like a glue and sand mixture so that they stay formed for a very long time. This sand festival is truly one of a kind!

      Jetski Rentals at Jack's Watercraft Rentals South Padre Island

      Jetskis are one of the must do activities on South Padre Island. My favourite place to rent them from is Jack's Watercraft Rentals. These Jetskis are built so that 2 people can ride them. I can spend hours on these Jetskis just cruising the island. This is such a better alternative to hauling your Jetski to the island every time. This is a good way to have fun and keep it legal! Have fun at South Padre Island!

      Jack's Watercraft Rentals Inc‎
      2301 Laguna Blvd , S Padre Island, TX
      (956) 761-4218 Get Directions

      Hours: 10am - 6pm
      (Must have valid Drivers license or Passport)